Central heating and repairs

If you have a temperamental heating system, have hot water in the header tank, if it makes noises, you have cold radiators, or need to continually bleed them then our experts can help.

It doesn't necessarily mean a whole new system is required, there are many reasons for any central heating system to degrade and we will advise on the best way to get your heating back to its maximum potential quickly, for a no obligation estimate please contact us.

Unvented hot water systems

Unvented water heating is the fastest growing sector of the UK market. Unvented systems are fed directly from the cold water mains supply and offer a number of benefits compared to conventional systems.

Higher pressure and flow rates at all hot taps, balanced hot and cold water supplies, no special taps required. Manufactured from the highest quality materials they offer unrivalled peace of mind backed by an impressive range of extended on-site sevice support guarantees.

General plumbing in the northeast areas

General plumbing is one of the core services that we have been providing for more than 14 years in and around Chester and the Northeast area. No matter what the problem or crisis might be you can trust our professional and courteous team to fix any problem you have rapidly.

Please contact us for a no obligation estimate.